Six Word Friday–Bloom

Dandelions don’t have to be told
to bloom where they are planted!015

Linking to Adrienne’s blog.

Six Word Friday

Six Word Friday


24 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Bloom

  1. I enjoy your truthful words.
    I can picture the flower in my mind and it’s beautiful. 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind, I have a suggestion for your photo issue:
    Try changing the name of the file and re-upload it and see if that’ll help.


  2. The weeds came back faster than the grass this year. Our lawn guy took one look earlier this week and said, wow you guys lost control. I’m not sure how it happened either – our lawn didn’t look that bad earlier this year.

    Good use of the word. So. . . are the pastels looking used yet?



    • Hi Nancy! Yes, the pastels are mingling colors. 🙂 Not as much as I’d like yet, but I’m still reading and practicing when I can. Things have been a bit hectic. Grandbaby #7 is due any day, we thought it might be last night. Linn and his siblings have had to make long-term arrangements for the care of their parents. How quickly things can change. Thanks for stopping by; how are things going for you?


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