Linda James’ “Ascent to the Stars” Quilt

I see from some of your posts that many of you are still having snow, hail, and all kinds of bone-chilling weather. Today, I offer you another quilt to help keep you warm. 

This one is by Linda James of North Carolina. Love her selection of colors.

Ascent to the Stars by Linda James
Ascent to the Stars by Linda James
Stitching detail
Stitching detail

Thanks for stopping by to look. I hope spring arrives for you SOON.

A warm blanket reminds me of my last trip to our daughter’s. Baby Z was ready for her nap and made her requests known. “Blue blanket. Dryer. Warm.” I think she has her big sister trained. Or her big sister has her spoiled. 

34 thoughts on “Linda James’ “Ascent to the Stars” Quilt

  1. Amen to this : ““Blue blanket. Dryer. Warm.” ”
    We’re having severe thunderstorms and it’s really scary at times. Hopefully this system will pass us tonight.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend..
    By-the-way, I wish I could make such a gorgeous quilt. I am just blown away by the delicate details and handwork. 🙂


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