An Extraordinary Tuesday

Last week’s photo challenge showing what I did in a day via cell phone camera was so much fun, I decided to share today’s walk with you. It was a lovely day, near 80, a nice breeze blowing. Since you couldn’t be here to share it, I’m bringing it to you. Hovering mouse over photo reveals caption, clicking a photo brings up the slide show. Enjoy!


36 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Tuesday

  1. Great photos. I really enjoyed going for a walk with you. Lovely scenery and good company experiencing the joys of Spring is my kind of day. Thanks so much. 🙂
    I see the wake of the critters, but they’re too far a field to identify, so just-for-fun I’ll call them Nessy and Champ. 😉


    • Today it was 90, TBM, I think I have a few extra degrees to send to you. Did my walking inside today–at the mall. 🙂 Didn’t find anything to buy, either. Bummer.


    • Thanks, Dianna. I snapped early dogwood blossoms, still green, but it was blurry. 😦 I have a hard time seeing the screen in the sunlight to know if I got a good shot or not.


    • It was a lovely day for a walk, too. I need to visit the garden center to see if I can identify the pink flowers. They truly were a bright spot in my day. Thanks for stopping by, mithriluna.


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