Share Your World–2013 Week 15

Cee’s on vacation, so we only have three questions again this week. I think she should have taken us with her. What do you think? There, now we have four. I feel better.

The first question: “What is one of your quirky traits?” 

Being of sound mind, I think I’m perfectly normal. I decided to ask hubby if I have quirky traits. He made me look up the definition of quirky, so he wouldn’t get himself into trouble, apparently. He says it’s quirky that I think I am normal. I wonder who is making him dinner tomorrow night.

Second question: “What has surprised you about blogging?”

I never dreamed I’d make so many new friends in real life and online, and from all over the world. What an exciting adventure this has turned out to be!

Third question: “Which do you prefer, sweet or salty? Or both at the same time?” {Hey, that IS four questions!}

Both at the same time is a real treat!

I can’t wait to find out if all of you have quirky traits, or are normal, like me. 😉
Please let me know in the comments below, or create your own post and link to Cee’s blog. share-your-world2



30 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 15

  1. Hey there, I like your answers, so I thought I’d share mine too. 🙂
    1) Yes, I think Cee should’ve packed up all you followers along with your followers and took us all on a nice vacation. 😉
    2) I think Ive got the same quirky trait as you, I think you’re normal too. lol
    I guess my quirky trait is eating cheese puffs with a fork.
    3) Openly sharing thoughts, smiles and support for folks and from folks all across the world is the best surprise.
    4) I agree with your answer. Sweet & salty at the same time is a delightful treat.


  2. 1,) Yes, it would have been nice for all of us to go on Cee’s vacation with her!
    2.) Oh, goodness… this one requires more than a few seconds’ thought…probably the quirkiest thing is that when it rains, I feel cold…even in the summer! Hubby laughs at me for bundling up when it starts raining.
    3.) All the new friends I’ve made, and the interest they have in “my” world.
    4.) Salty — potato chips especially…. “diet, what diet?”!
    Thanks, Patti – have a good day!


  3. Hi Patti!
    1. Yes we should all be on vacation with Cee!
    2. I am all about being quirky.. 🙂 Hard to pick just one. I have to have my old beach towel wrapped around my waist most all the time I am in the house over my sleeping shorts or over my clothes. I have been known to go outside with it on. It keeps me warm and I think it is a security thing.. 😀
    3. How incredibly inconsistent and procrastinating I am about getting a post up. The friends and friendships are wonderful!
    4. Salty! Chips here too. Preferably Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion.. 🙂
    But those Peanut M&Ms………..
    Thanks Patti!


    • You HAD to bring up the M&Ms, didn’t you, Pix? 🙂 I’m picturing your old beach towel as colorful and cozy. And you never know when CH is going to whisk you away to the beach! I’d just say you are prepared.


  4. laughing at your first one. totally agree on the 2nd. i usually don’t like both at the same time, but seem to alternate – back to back if my cravings are up.


  5. I love your answer to #1. I wish I could claim to be normal. I don’t know if this is quirky because apparently it has a name – mysophonia. If you crunch anything around me, or crack your knuckles, or chew ice; one of us will have to leave the room. Please don’t sit near me in a movie theater with a box of popcorn. I choose my seat very carefully (I’m short and need a good view and the floor can’t be sticky,etc), and I don’t want to move just because you insist on crunching on that smelly snack the whole entire movie. Oh, and please hold off on heavy colognes and perfumes. That will make me move, too. Maybe I have more than one quirk 🙂

    Blogging has been fun! I have met some wonderful people and I love that they share their world (yes, that was intentional) with all of us.

    I don’t like sweet and salty together unless it is kettle corn (it’s okay if I crunch). My favorite salty food is potato chips – my husband makes me get my two bags – one for each of us. He’s afraid he won’t get any. My favorite sweet food? I like most things sweet. I eat three dark chocolate Hershey kisses every day (is that quirky?). I love a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. I love chocolate cake. I love creme brule. I’ll stop now 🙂


    • Thanks, Robin. My son-in-law has mysophonia, too. He was happy to find it had a name, and he wasn’t the only one with it. I like kettle corn, too, but I’ll do my munching at home so you’ll sit by me at the movie. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us.


  6. Quirky traits? I like most leftovers cold rather than reheated.

    Blogging? How much alike people are from all over the globe. We are mostly all so human.

    I don’t know which I like best, salty or sweet, but together they are a special treat.

    I like Linn’s summation of your answer to the “quirky” question. So you are normal. Maybe quirky IS normal. Blessings to you, Patti..


  7. Hi Patti…thanks for the wonderful comment you left for me the other day, I’ve been a bit busy and am now finding some time to catch up with your posts. To answer these questions from a personal level, I’d say #1…Quirky trait is I can spread my toes and pick things up with me foot. LOL #2 I think the biggest surprise on blogging is the friendships are so endearing [and most bloggers are quite helpful too] #3 I’ve always loved the salt/sweet concoctions. Salty popcorn and Junior Mints is a favorite snack for me.

    Oh, and loved your post on color too. Beautiful images!!!!!


    • Thanks, Anni. I’ve done that with my toes, too! You are always near the water with your bird shots, I thought maybe you WERE a pirate! LOL Only you’d have a heron on your shoulder…


  8. When my daughter was a senior in high school we toured a small selective liberal arts college. The admissions counselor said that the school was looking for quirky students. After the tour my daughter was uncertain whether the school was right for her–she couldn’t decide whether or not she was quirky. (She didn’t attend that college.)


  9. You made me laugh with your #1 answer!
    1) I have so many oddities, it’s hard to pick just one… I always use hand sanitizer after putting gas in the car (that’s probably more neurotic than quirky!)
    2) The community has also surprised me. I never dreamed I’d feel connected to so many people I’ve never met.
    3) Sweet…especially chocolate!


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