Share Your World–2013 Week 15

Cee’s on vacation, so we only have three questions again this week. I think she should have taken us with her. What do you think? There, now we have four. I feel better.

The first question: “What is one of your quirky traits?” 

Being of sound mind, I think I’m perfectly normal. I decided to ask hubby if I have quirky traits. He made me look up the definition of quirky, so he wouldn’t get himself into trouble, apparently. He says it’s quirky that I think I am normal. I wonder who is making him dinner tomorrow night.

Second question: “What has surprised you about blogging?”

I never dreamed I’d make so many new friends in real life and online, and from all over the world. What an exciting adventure this has turned out to be!

Third question: “Which do you prefer, sweet or salty? Or both at the same time?” {Hey, that IS four questions!}

Both at the same time is a real treat!

I can’t wait to find out if all of you have quirky traits, or are normal, like me. 😉
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