Weekly Photo Challenge–A Day in My Life

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–A Day in My Life

  1. Most of those look VERY familiar! Hope your friend is better: that’s one picture I’m sure you would have preferred not to be included in this montage…!


    1. The tractors probably move faster, Pix! This was about an hour after “rush hour.” It would have been backed up 5-6 miles then. As long as there’s not an incident in the tunnel, or a lane closed for some reason, it’s not too bad. Holidays and summer weekends are a different story. Sometimes it’s better to just stay home!


  2. Wonderful photos. Your heart shows in them with the Love of God, friends and home. Beautiful heart, you have.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your friend. 🙂


    1. Thanks for visiting, mithriluna. I joined a Bible study group last year and was introduced to the studies done by Kay Arthur. I found another of her studies at the Christian bookstore, “Discover the Bible for Yourself.” That’s what I’m working on now.


  3. Whew! That’s a busy day. That drive to the hospital seems harrowing. I’m glad you at least got to see the ocean in passing…probably not enough to be relaxing though since you were in your car 🙂


    1. The drive wasn’t too bad, Janna. A change of pace, or should I say venue? That was the Chesapeake Bay crossing. Any way you look at it, it’s a lot of water! This is near the mouth of the bay, several rivers converge here. The Atlantic is a little further east.


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