Share Your World–2013 Week 13

It’s time to Share Your World! Cee has FIVE questions this week–the usual four and a query

She would like to know whether to continue Share Your World, or if you are tired of it.

I’ve not been participating very long, and I’m having fun with it.

What one word describes you best?


If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things,” what would you treat yourself to?

I would hire a housekeeper.

Is there a language you would like to learn?

I would take a refresher course in Spanish since I studied it three years in high school.

What is the favorite blog post you have written? (please feel free to add a link)

I used to participate with “Inspiration Monday.” Stephanie provides five writing prompts to choose from to create a blog post. One week, I managed to use all five prompts in mine. It was fun to write, so that is what I’ve chosen to share:


25 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 13

  1. Hmm, I’ll have to ponder on these awhile. But I would definitely say that I hope Cee will continue this meme, so I can continue to participate THROUGH you, Patti!


  2. I rather like these. They wake me up for the day. I’m not sure I can post anything different except the favorite post written.
    3. French – my French needs brushing up
    4. I think I liked “Guess What?” the best, a post about my Dad that I wrote back in 2010 or 11.


  3. 1. Tired (which is strange, considering how lazy I am)!
    2. Just more art supplies and photo gear (maybe a real wet-plate set-up with a vintage 1800s era lens or two…)
    3. I took Spanish in high school, too… but I wasn’t very good at it even back then!
    4. Wait… one of mine that I… like?!


    • You are too hard on yourself, Robert. One can never have enough art supplies. And on #4, you probably have so many projects that you’re happy with, you can’t pick just one.


  4. I really enjoy this. I would hope Cee would continue.
    1. Intense
    2. I would have our own personal chef that would cook those heart healthy meals that actually taste wonderful! I can’t tell you how much I would love to have someone cook our meals! Please!!
    3. Spanish
    4. I don’t have a favorite blog post that I have written.
    Thank you Patti!


  5. i enjoy reading your answers. 🙂

    i’d certainly get someone to clean my house from top to bottom. then paint my barn and repair a bit of wood there. wash all the windows. yeah. re-wallpaper the second bathroom and kitchen. yeah! trim some trees. remove some dead brush/downed trees from the woods. fix a high, nice fence all the way around the place. YEAH! 🙂


    • I enjoy reading yours, too, Theresa. It’s a good thing I’m sitting in the car, I don’t have to worry about falling off my chair laughing. Now that you mention it, I have a few more projects, too!


  6. Okay, I’ve had a think about these questions and I have to admit
    I’m solitary. I enjoy my own company. 🙂

    Finer things for me would be a top-notch make-over with complete new wardrobe for my complete new look. 🙂

    I would love to learn any language, but most especially Scottish Gaelic. Although, it’s a dying language so I might not have anyone to chat with. 🙂

    And my favorite post is a flash-fiction piece that had me crying as I was writing it. I’m not normally a touchy-feely type but the characters in this story got to me. 🙂

    This was fun Patti.


  7. I hope Cee continues even though I don’t participate directly, I enjoy your ‘Share your World’ answers and on occasion posting a response in your comments too.

    1- quirky
    3-I guess Spanish
    4-I don’t really have a specific blog post that I like above the others.

    Thanks for sharing your world answers with us. I enjoyed playing along with you. 🙂


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