Making a Mess of Monday

We spent the weekend at our daughter’s house and I’m having trouble getting reoriented with what I’m supposed to do here at home. It’s cold and rainy today, and I’m thankful the snow that was coming down when we left northern Virginia did not follow us home. They awoke to a white blanket covering the neighborhood this morning. 

My friend, Susan, called and helped me get back on track. She reminded me our writers group meets tomorrow evening; neither of us has done the writing assignment yet. She’s been busy setting up book signings with local businesses, as she recently published her first book, “Stepping into the Wilderness.” You may know her as “Suzicate,” from her blog. 

Here is a peek at another pastel exercise, choosing colors and making marks like Van Gogh. I didn’t even know he worked in pastels! The shapes were first sketched in charcoal, then filled with linear strokes and stabbing marks of color. 003

What did you do this weekend?







35 thoughts on “Making a Mess of Monday

  1. Well…..we went to “northern VA (sort of) yesterday. We met a blogging friend (Pam from One Spoiled Cat) and her husband in Sperryville…! What dreary day it’s been today!


    • Oh, good for you, Dianna! That’s a beautiful part of the state. I need to check out her blog. It was damp and cold today, weather that makes me want to snuggle under a throw and stay put.


  2. OMG, Patti! Did you do that pastel? I am always so amazed at people who have artistic talent, especially since I have none. I can’t even draw decent stick figures. My little 4-year-old neighbor can attest to that. So glad you had a weekend away.


    • I’m glad I don’t have one of those 4-year-old critics, Susan. 😉 I don’t know if I have “talent,” but I’m going to see what I can learn. Your musical abilities amaze me. I know very few people who continued their music throughout life. I know you get much satisfaction from it.


  3. OH MY, Patti! This looks like a Van Gogh! You are a natural! This is definitely your medium! I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I already knew you rocked with talent….but you’re as good as the big guys!


  4. Love your art work!! Sounds like you had a good weekend…I didn’t do much other than watch basketball (college), interact on twitter with other IU fans and then fill out my brackets once the pairings were announced…what can I say? I’ve been a basketball fanatic my entire life.


  5. We spent the weekend cleaning up the mess from having the new windows and door installed, plus getting blinds to replace the ones that were broken. I’m glad you made it home before it snowed; we woke up to it this morning.



    • You had a busy weekend, then, Nancy. I’m sure there is much satisfaction in having the work finished. We need to do something about windows, too, but I’m not looking forward to it.


    • I’m glad you had your sunscreen, Jayne. I would like to have had some sunshine. We had a wee bit early Saturday, and I walked with the oldest and youngest granddaughters. We felt the sprinkles start as we neared the house. I hope Dillon is doing well at the meets.


  6. That’s really something about the snow. The weather is really goofy sometimes. I’m glad your back on track. Your friend must be a peach of a motivator. Your pastel painting is lovely and really does favor a Van Gogh. You’re quite talented. 🙂
    We spent alot of time outdoors with our grandson, playing with Shelibean and gardening. The weather was gorgeous. 🙂


    • Thanks, E.C. I’ll be glad when the cold wind blows somewhere else! At least we have a good start, blue sky and sunshine today. Now if it would just be warm enough that one would WANT to be outside. 🙂


  7. We went to Yakima for a baseball tournament. I’m having trouble getting back into my normal routine too. It’s weird how being gone for a couple of days can be so disorienting. Once again, I love your pastel work!


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