Making a Mess of Monday

We spent the weekend at our daughter’s house and I’m having trouble getting reoriented with what I’m supposed to do here at home. It’s cold and rainy today, and I’m thankful the snow that was coming down when we left northern Virginia did not follow us home. They awoke to a white blanket covering the neighborhood this morning. 

My friend, Susan, called and helped me get back on track. She reminded me our writers group meets tomorrow evening; neither of us has done the writing assignment yet. She’s been busy setting up book signings with local businesses, as she recently published her first book, “Stepping into the Wilderness.” You may know her as “Suzicate,” from her blog. 

Here is a peek at another pastel exercise, choosing colors and making marks like Van Gogh. I didn’t even know he worked in pastels! The shapes were first sketched in charcoal, then filled with linear strokes and stabbing marks of color. 003

What did you do this weekend?