Share Your World–2013 Week 11

We made it through another week! Cee has four more questions, and I love it when you join in the fun. You may reply in the comments below, or create your own blog post and link to Cee’s blog. 

If you could go back and talk to yourself at age 18 what advice would you give yourself?  Or if you are younger than 25 what words of wisdom would you like to tell yourself at age 40?

What is your favorite TV show that is currently on TV?

Jello or Pudding?  And what is your favorite flavor?

What is your favorite flower?

At age 18, I was in a relationship with the wrong person and didn’t expect to see my 30th birthday. I would tell my 18-year-old self there is life after 30, and it’s going to be a good life, a life worth living.

My favorite show is NCIS.

Pudding–Coconut Cream

Coneflowers are my favorite, followed closely by Black-eyed Susans. 

Purple coneflowers
Purple coneflowers

That wraps up the questions (and answers) for this week. I hope you’ll post your answers so we can all get to know each other.