Monday Mix-Up

I’ve been fighting a cold the last 3-4 days. As much as I’ve slept, I should look a lot better–beauty sleep and all.

Looking all cute--check out that BLUE sky, too!

Looking all cute–check out that BLUE sky, too!

For my next trick, "Look, Ma, no hands!"

For my next trick, “Look, Ma, no hands!”

Last look at pastels intact. Aren't they pretty?

Last look at pastels intact. Aren’t they pretty?

Goldfinch--wonder if it's molting, or fell prey to a predator.

Goldfinch–wonder if it’s molting, or fell prey to a predator.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


35 thoughts on “Monday Mix-Up

  1. Sorry you’ve been sick. My son had that a couple of weeks ago; it lasted him about 10 days….
    Yes, we went to the beach this weekend. Photos on my blog!


  2. The finch is probably molting – getting spring/ summer colors. The pastels ARE crying out to get outta-the-box!!! And…….. I surely hope you’re better soon!!!! Colds are no fun!


    • Thanks, Pat. I’ve been following Karen Margulis’ blog on pastel painting. In one of her posts she recommended taking a picture of them, and then get them “outta-the-box” as you stated. 🙂


  3. Pretty little nature critters. 🙂
    I like the pastels. You’ll be able to sketch and decorate til your hearts content. I hope you’ll post your creations. (Is it called sketching with pastels?)

    We’re fighting colds here too. We went out in the sunshine this weekend. I couldn’t stay out too long because it’s still a bit chilly for me. My husband tried to till the small garden but it’s still too wet to work it very deep.

    I hope you feel better soon. Sending healing thoughts your way. 🙂


    • Thanks, E.C. From what I’ve read, it is called “painting” with pastels. Sorry to hear the cold bug bit you, too. The sun felt nice, Saturday, when I fed the birds, but the air was a bit nippy yet.


      • Thanks. I wasn’t sure if it was painting or sketching. I’ll remember painting with pastels, it sounds pleasant and soothing. I like that.
        Take care of yourself and try not to over-do and have a relapse.


  4. Those pastels look a little too pristine. Get cracking on making your mistakes and get it over with. Move it, move it, move it missy! The next picture needs to be a lot messier.

    Love seeing the squirrel mafia as always!



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