Share Your World–2013 Week 10

I’d LIKE to share my world right now. I would gladly send it somewhere else. The wind is howling, gusting to 60 mph (96 km) and the windows are doing the shake, rattle and roll. (That refers to a song from the 50s music era–among other things, I learned, thanks to Google). 

Back to the business at hand, Cee has four questions for us this week.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

What was your most memorable birthday?

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

Personality-wise, I’d be a Golden Retriever. My owner could walk me on the beach and clean up the trail of sand left behind on the floor for days afterward.
(Link to personality website: Lion/Otter/Beaver/Golden Retriever)

My sign would say, “One Way.” (This reminds me of another song–I’m a very melodious Golden Retriever–have you noticed?
Link to song Lyrics by Hillsong United

I don’t remember birthdays, but I remember some good cakes. 🙂 

Finding comments on my blog and Facebook page, and personal emails. You are this old dog’s best friends, and I love you, unconditionally.

It’s your turn. You may answer in the comments below, or create your own post and link to Cee’s blog.



26 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 10

  1. Hi, Patti, WHEW! What a wind storm that turned out to be. Guess it’s better than all that snow…! Thanks for letting us piggy-back on answering the questions:
    1.) Definitely a cat.
    2.) Did I miss your stop sign answer, Patti? I think mine would be “u-turn”. So many times, my day takes me in several different directions.
    3.) Like you, I can’t remember a specific birthday. But the day is just special anyway. Although, as I get older, it’s special in a different way…
    4.) Simplest of joys: spending time with my husband and my son, and sharing laughs with them.


    1. My sign was “One Way,” Dianna. It wasn’t very clear, so I edited it, thanks for pointing that out. Our power was off and on, and I wanted to get it posted, so it was a rush job. I tried to put my answers after each question but the font was barely readable–and I was determined to NOT redo the whole thing.


  2. Hi, Patti. It’s cold down here but no wind or snow.
    1. I think I would like to soar like the eagle. ♪
    2. Merge…I try to do this carefully throughout the day with all the “traffic” I have to navigate.
    3. My 50th and my 60th. The whole family, including my brothers and sister and mother surprised me twice.
    4. Conversation and laughter around the dinner table.


    1. Soaring like an eagle would be fantastic, Georgette. Merge is a good one, something we do all day long. What wonderful surprise birthdays! #4’s answer is a good one.


  3. 1. As a kid I said Cheetah (I wanted to run that fast), but I think a domesticated cat (one that sleeps a lot) is more accurate.
    2. Caution / Dip.
    3. Wait… memory is involved here?!
    4. Family / Friends (and making stuff… that’s pretty good, too).


    1. Your answers are always good for a laugh, Robert. From cheetah to domestic cat–you won’t have to find your own food, either. Love the “Dip” sign. Wish I’d thought of that. #4 is perfect!


  4. Good Morning Patti!
    1. I would like to be a cat but only IF I could be a cat in our home or in one of the homes of people that love and respect their kitties to the very end.
    2. My day as a traffic sign today-roundabout ahead.
    3. Most memorable birthday-35th.
    4. Simplest of joys-being outside and listening to the sweet sounds of nature.
    Thanks Patti. Hope your weather improves as the day goes on.


    1. Good morning, Pix! I’ve had days like that–roundabout. I like your answer to #4, too.
      It’s not quite as windy today, and the birds have returned. They were well-hidden yesterday. And we have sunshine today!


  5. i almost didn’t catch your traffic sign answer, either. thought it was part of a sentence. 🙂 mine would be ‘slow’. 🙂


  6. Great answers – love the birthdays/cakes response!
    1) I’d like to be an indoor house cat (outdoors, I’d have to fight off coyotes)
    2) Today would be one of those curvy road signs
    3) I try to forget birthdays, so I don’t know!
    4) I find joy in my kids’ laughter, a stranger’s smile, animals (both pets and wild ones.)


  7. 1. I think I’d be an eagle. I love the idea of flying.
    2. Yield. Yield for what I don’t know, but I like the attentiveness that the sign implies.
    3. The only birthday that comes to mind is when my parents presented a sweet Superman birthday cake! It was awesome!
    4. I love smoking a cigar with my friend Mike in front of a campfire.


    1. I’m glad you shared your world, Chad. It’s fun getting to know our “blogging buddies.” #4 reminds me of a former neighbor of ours. He could only smoke his “ciggars,” as his wife put it, in the backyard. Fond memories.


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