Wild Bird Wednesday 34–American Robin

American Robins can be found all over North America. They are year-round dwellers in the lower forty-eight United States, though they are most often seen when spring nears and earthworms abound. Insects and fruit are also included in their diet. They can be heard singing early, Β and seen tugging earthworms from the ground throughout the day. They don’t mind buzzing anyone or anything that invades their space when nesting.Β 

American Robin
American Robin

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52 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 34–American Robin

  1. Good Morning Patti! Awww, Look at that face.. πŸ™‚ We have had Robins running around on the Tiny Ten for a bit now but with snow on the ground we haven’t seen them much. I think that might change today or tomorrow! I love watching them and having them in the yard makes the world seem right!


  2. Yep, we have robins here in Indiana all year…but they’ve been very visible for the past few weeks..I love how they brighten up the often grey winter landscape…great pictures! Looks like this one is not camera shy at all.


  3. lol what a jolly handsome bird. What a fluffy it is. Robins are so pretty. When I had a rose-tree, there was a few years that a Mama robin made her nest in it. It was so fun sneaking and peeking in at the eggs and then the babes. πŸ™‚


    1. We don’t even have to get near a nest. One day my husband stepped out of the shed and a robin did a fly-by to let him know he wasn’t welcome in the backyard, and one did the same to me when I went out the back door to fill feeders, Trisha. They are pretty good at dive-bombing squirrels, too.


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