Six Word Friday–Hand

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival this weekend. 
Many items are created by machine, 
But there is still much handwork.

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43 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Hand

  1. I love the results of handwork, so much more personal.

    In reply to your comment….
    Sleeping overnight in the Big Top – that would be something to remember for those who were caught out!
    Yes the flower is a frangipani. They come in pinks and orange-yellows too. We have a huge frangipani outside our back door. They drop their leaves in the autumn so we still enjoy the winter sunshine.


  2. There is a beautiful basket block (not sure it’s proper name) quilt at the show, all blue tones, a huge quilt, tiny squares, that was done completely by hand – the piecing and the quilting. Made my jaw drop. Really beautiful!


  3. I don’t quilt, but I do love pretty, handmade quilts. I once saw a beauty on display at a craft fair and wanted to buy it SO MUCH! but the price was way out of my budget.
    The full-sized quilt was a huge Thistle (national flower of Scotland) and the colors were so vibrant you would swear it was real. I’ve never seen another quilt like it, but I’ve also never forgot it. If I ever see that quilt again, I’m buying it. 🙂

    I do have two patchwork quilts that were made by my hubby’s ancestors. I must take a photo of them and share them on my blog.


    • Ha! Lenore, the idea is to come home with all the ingredients and inspiration to MAKE one. 🙂 I came home with inspiration to do something with the fabric and patterns I got before. 🙂 One vendor had a collection of quilts that were donated to raise money for ALS. They were for sale, from $50-$400. I saw one I really liked, but knew it was out of my price range.


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