Wild Bird Wednesday–Northern Cardinal

A very popular bird here in the eastern United States is the Northern Cardinal. So popular, it is the state bird of seven states. They are found as far north as Canada, and to Central America in the south. At one time, they were captured and kept as caged birds, but it is no longer legal to do so. The Northern Cardinal measures 23 cm (or 8.3 inches). Pairs mate for life. The male is bright red, the female a reddish brown with red highlights on the crest, wings, and tail.


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36 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Northern Cardinal

  1. I love cardinals. Whenever I see them, I think of a Christmas-themed picture I drew of one in eighth grade art class. (I’m sure it wasn’t that great, but it turned out much better than my cat with an aardvark-looking nose :))


  2. Stunning beauty that you’ve captured. The males are so brilliant in their colors. Your birdie looks like a spot of cheer waiting for Spring to appear this year. πŸ™‚


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