Pastel–More Mark Making

I hesitated to share this with you, but, hey, it’s practice, right? Pastels are a new medium to me, so I’m learning everything from the ground up, literally. The ground is the surface suitable for pastel work. It requires tooth to allow the build-up of many layers of color. The pastels themselves come in various forms: soft, oil, pencil.

This started out as a study in blue. I picked blue, because it isn’t a go-to color for me. As you can see, that didn’t last long.


I’m practicing techniques for applying pastel ¬†like blended and broken color, feathering, hatching, scumbling, etc. Then I learned how to correct mistakes.

The “tree” was looking pretty good, but I over-worked it until it looked like a bad haircut. My starter set is limited in colors, so I think I’m about ready to break out the Big Box. ¬†Thanks for stopping by!