Weekly Photo Challenge–Home

HOME is the topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge.
When we exit the tunnel, we know we are almost home. IMG_0315


37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Home

  1. Like your other commenters, I get that feeling right around a particular intersection when Houston traffic tells us we are almost home. It usually happens around Sunday night reminding us we have another week ahead of us.


    • A lot of people aren’t fond of our bridges and tunnels, Dianna. I still remember my first trip through the HRBT, teen-aged, and coming to visit my brother who was stationed here in the Navy. There was a toll booth back then.


  2. My son was coming home from college one weekend with some friends. When they got off the interstate one of his friends said, “finally! We’re almost there.” Will just laughed and said “We still have about 45 minutes.” There was a big UGH said by all. haha


  3. After a long trip to San Antonio or Austin I get that feeling when I see the lovely rows of Palm trees which mark the gateway to Raymondville.


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