33 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Chill

  1. Thanks for making me laugh today. The weather here is perfect.

    Winter Storm Nemo. I didn’t know about it until I went looking for it on Weather Channel after reading your comment. I am praying for them, too.

    I’ll never forget the blizzard of 1978 that hit Ohio an Michigan. It was then that I decided I didn’t like living in the Great Lakes region any longer. People froze to death on the highways.


    1. That would have been terrible, Carol Ann, freezing to death on the highways. I’m glad you found the humor in my situation. πŸ™‚ The rain stopped, but the wind is still pretty strong, temp up to 50. Doesn’t feel like 50, though.


  2. When I saw the e-mail notification of your post, I thought the subject was “Six Word – Chili”. I wondered how you were going to share a chili recipe in 6 words.
    Great take on the challenge today!


    1. I’ve had chili on the brain for a few days, picked up the ingredients and will be making it tomorrow. The only way to get it in six words is, “Arise, get thyself over to Wendy’s!” Thanks, Dianna. πŸ™‚


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