Share Your World–2013 Week 6

Cee has great questions for us again this week. Are you ready? (That wasn’t one of them.)

If you given $22 million tax free dollars, what is the first thing you would do?

Where were you born?

Can you change a car tire?

What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in.  And what Country do you live?

The first one is easy, tithe ten percent to my church. I’d LOVE to write THAT check! We could fund a lot of programs to help people in our community…and beyond. 

Fairmont, West Virginia is where I was born and lived for 20 years. 

I know how, but it’s not likely I would. I have AAA for that, but thankfully, haven’t needed them to change a tire. 

My favorite part of Virginia Beach is the beach itself. I’m in the U.S.A.

Please share your answers in the comments below, or create a blog post and link to Cee’s. I’m looking forward to learning more about YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 6

  1. You have really great answers. I thought I’d join in and give this a try.
    If you given $22 million tax free dollars, what is the first thing you would do?
    Pay off all our bills
    Where were you born?
    North of the Mason–Dixon line
    Can you change a car tire?
    I know how, but that’s more my hubby’s department.
    What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in.
    My home and property.
    And what Country do you live?
    Turtle Island (North America)


  2. Thanks, Patti, for letting us participate. I love these!
    1.) Although I would do something to help folks who REALLY need it, I would spend a lot of that money on a huge no-kill cat facility.
    2.) I was born in Suffolk, Va – and have never lived more than about 30 miles from there.
    3.) I’ve never changed a tire, nor really been taught how. But I bet if I HAD to, I probably could figure it out. It wouldn’t be pretty though.Thankfully, we also have AAA.
    4.) My favorite part of the town I live in is the history. And I live in the US!!
    Have a good day, Patti!


    1. Thanks for answering, Dianna. 1.) Can I come work in your cat facility? 3.) I’m pretty sure you would be able to change your tire. Isn’t it nice to not have to?
      Maybe we can get together again soon?


  3. Good Morning Patti!
    1. Who needs that much money? We’d give 5 mil each to CH’s older and younger brothers. And then CH would waste no time investing it!
    2. St. Louis, Missouri
    3. I know how, but I don’t want to.. 🙂
    4. Its rural character. I live in the U.S.A.

    Thanks Patti! Enjoy your Tuesday.


    1. Aw, it’s exactly 12:00 noon, I ALMOST got to wish you a “good morning.” Guess I’ll have to settle for afternoon, now. Good afternoon, Pix! I got carried away with my pastels this morning. 🙂 CH is a smart man. I didn’t know you were born in St. Louis. I love the rural character of the Tiny Ten you share with us.


  4. I bet Virginia Beach is pretty!
    I like what you’d do with the money…I might copy that, or set up an animal shelter. I can’t change a tire (but I can dial a phone to call AAA :)) My favorite part about where I live is winter…I’m in the U.S. also.


    1. We are an animal-loving bunch here on the blog, Janna! With $22 million, you could probably do both. 🙂 I imagine winter is one of your better seasons there. Thanks for playing along, have a blessed day!


  5. i would buy 100 acres with a house and barn in the center of it, fence the entire thing with an 8 foot fence of brick/stone/iron/whatever, move there and never be heard from again. and yes, i’d share a big chunk of the wealth with my family and friends.


    1. Our city only allows 6-ft. fences, but hubby wished for much higher. We live on a busy road; the fence can only be 4-ft. high in the front and for a certain distance back on the sides.


  6. better yet. i’d buy 1000 acres, fence off and live in 100. donate the remaining 900 to conservation and wildlife so it could never be built on, developed, destroyed, etc. ever.


    1. Nice! When I’m on vacation from working at Dianna’s no-kill cat facility, I’d like to visit your refuge. Can you spare an acre or two for a guest house? I promise not to bug you or play loud music. In your previous comment you said you’d never be heard from again…I hope you would still blog. 🙂


  7. If you given $22 million tax free dollars, what is the first thing you would do?
    Pay my bills and those of certain friends and family

    Where were you born?
    Central Indiana

    Can you change a car tire?
    If I have to

    What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in.
    Small town atmosphere in a big time college town (go Hoosiers!).

    And what Country do you live?

    Isn’t it interesting to read everyone’s comments??


  8. What would I do with 22 million? Invest wisely.

    Where was I born?
    In a one-roomed tenement flat in the Mean city, Scotland.

    Can I change a car-tire?
    I sure can. 🙂

    What is my favorite part of town?
    My home.

    Which country do I live in?
    The country I live in is the Bright Beacon that draws the world-wide masses with hope. 🙂


  9. I would publish all of our blog tribe’s books with the money, after setting up the appropriate charities of course. Born in NC and live there still, my favorite part being the lovely mountain views. And I know how to change a tire, but really, really don’t like it. Will pay if hubby not around. Great questions.


  10. I would take my entire family on a trip around the world.
    I was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
    I cannot change a tire (and have no desire to learn)
    I love the beach in my town where I can go for leisurely walks, find a nice log and read.
    I live in Canada!


    1. Could you imagine a trip around the world with the whole family? Wow, that would be wonderful! I imagine you’ll have an armadillo or flat traveler tagging along, too. 🙂


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