Monday and More Pastel

I can’t seem to get Monday posts prepared on the weekend lately, so they will be arriving later in the morning. 

Saturday was the funeral of the husband of a very dear friend. It was a beautiful service. During the power-point presentation of family photos, they played the most beautiful song, one I had not heard. I thought it was Faith Hill’s voice, and Googled one of the lyrics when I got home. You may be familiar with, “There You’ll Be.” If not, you can listen to it via YouTube. It was the theme song from the movie “Pearl Harbor.” The hit single came out in 2001. 

Later in the day, Suzicate and I hit the local fabric stores. She got a new sewing machine recently, and mine got a tune-up this past week. We are ready to do some stitching!

Hubby was busy with the “indoor” plumbing and turned off the water supply. Certainly, I couldn’t stay home without running water! Well, I thought it was a good excuse, anyway. 

Sunday was church, a game of Mexican Train dominoes with hubby, and then there was this football game…The Super Bowl. That’s the final play-off game of American football, for anyone not familiar with it. No more games until August, so that should free up some time on the weekends.

And this is my latest pastel exercise. Deep autumn colors were worked with the side of the pastel in short strokes, followed by short strokes of lighter colors made with the edge of the pastel. The base is Steel Gray Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel paper.Pastels 003

36 thoughts on “Monday and More Pastel

  1. Really like your pastel! It looks like it could be framed! Also will be waiting to see what comes of the fabric store visit. I’ve gotten back to my quilting lately after awhile “off”, and am really enjoying it. Enjoy the day!


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s friend passing on. It’s heartbreaking to lose the special people in our lives.
    I greatly enjoy fabric shopping. If I was rich I’d hoard fabric. I think it’s awesome to have on hand to make anything you want out of it.
    Your pastel is really artsy. You did a wonderful job on it. 🙂


  3. Awesome! You blow me away with your talent! Is there anything you can’t do well?
    I have been sewing up a storm! Two thirds done with a dragonfly/inspirational word quilt I’m making to donate to Relay for Life.
    Two more weeks and the quilt show, YAY!


    1. Aw, thanks, Susan. I stink at housework, does that answer your question? I’m not surprised you’ve been sewing up a storm. Can’t wait to see your quilt for Relay for Life.


    1. Thanks, Theresa. It’s funny, in all the years I’ve been working with fabric, I never once gave a thought to how they came up with the designs. Only since blogging have I learned there are people out there who design fabric.


  4. I really like your new piece, Patti! Very nice! I hope your water is back on, though (because if you’re like me you’ll definitely need it after working with… well… with ANY kind of art supplies)! 🙂
    So very sorry to hear about your friend, too…


  5. Once again, I love what you’ve done with the pastels! This one reminds me a little bit of cave art, which is one of my favorite things.It must be the colors that remind me of a cave. Anyway, I love it!


    1. Thanks, Patti. I’m in the midst of making dresses for my granddaughters’ American Girl dolls. However, there’s ironing that stands between me and sewing. I had it on my list for today, but I should get it taken care of tomorrow.


    1. Thanks, Pix! What are you doing stopping by in the evening? 🙂 Messing with my head, no doubt. I can’t believe I’d never heard that song somewhere! I’m making up for it, though.


  6. What a busy weekend. I hope you’ve recovered by now! I bet the fabric store was fun (I agree you shouldn’t be home without water :)) The pastel is pretty – I like the dark circles in it.


    1. I think I’ve recovered, Janna. The fabric store is ALWAYS fun.
      The pastel exercise started with dark circles, then we were to fill them and the surrounding area with color.


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. It was gray, Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel paper. It is rough on one side, smooth on the other. The rough texture allows more of the paper to show through, the pastel kind of “skips” over it.


  7. It is often difficult to get my posts finished when I would like them. But don’t you often think they we are much harder on ourselves than anyone else ever is?
    I’m sorry about your friend’s husband. I’m sure she appreciates you for being there for her.


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