Wild Bird Wednesday–Baltimore Oriole

This rare visitor to our yard, a Baltimore Oriole, stopped by during its migration north in early February, 2010. Their primary foods are fruit, nectar, and insects.Backyard 2010 003????????????????????????Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday


45 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Baltimore Oriole

    • Sports teams are named after a lot of our feathered friends, come to think of it, Stewart. The pictures aren’t very good quality, but it was enough that I was able to identify the new visitor. Hopefully if they come back, I’ll be ready for them!


  1. Great picture and I have to agree with Coming East. Your knowledge of birds is fantastic. The only Baltimore Orioles I can identify play baseball. The only birds I can readily identify are cardinals, turkeys, owls, ets.. you know, the easy ones.



    • Thanks, Robert. This was taken three years ago, and I haven’t seen one since. We would only see them migrating through, so I’d better get my nose pressed up to the window so I can watch for them. 😉


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