Six Word Friday–Knit

Part One, is just for fun.
I used to knit, but quit.
The things I made never fit.
My story, and sticking to it.

Part Two,Β is from Psalm 139:13
For you created my inmost being,

Knit together in my mother’s womb.

On a surfboard?

Grandbaby #7, on a surfboard?

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49 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Knit

  1. Grandbaby Seven on a surfboard! So are congratulations needed here or is this an older picture? I know how to to do the basic knitting but I can’t get started on the needle, I need a refresher. I love to knit, it soothes my mind but I can’t make a thing. It is just one long long looooooooong scarf kinda thing with no end!


    • This is the first ultrasound of the baby that is due in April, Pix. I thought I had a more recent one, but this was the only one I could find.
      I don’t remember how to cast on, either. My granddaughters could teach me. Lucky for you, scarves are IN this year! πŸ˜‰


  2. I like the verse. How cute. I knit, but I keep it simple, slippers, dish cloths. I’m not good at following patterns.

    “Knit together in my mother’s womb.” One stitch linked to another. Ultrasound is so miraculous. Thank you for sharing your grandchild’s progress, being knit together…


    • Another thing in common! Grandchild #5 was “made in” China, she is now seven. The adoption process seems to drag on so long. But they are worth waiting for. πŸ™‚


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