I’ve Got Mail

I got a package! I got a package! Don’t you just LOVE to get mail? This is proof to my hubby that all these hours spent creating blogs, writing posts, reading blogs, and commenting here, there and everywhere really pays off.

I recognized the logo on the return address label, it was from Beth Ann Chiles, blogger at “It’s Just Life,” who finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. Why she hasn’t been FRESHLY PRESSED yet is beyond me.

She’s one of the bloggers I dog the footsteps of. Sorry Buddy and Holly. (That’s a link to some pictures of her cats.)

Beth Ann is one of the most caring and generous people I know. At the beginning of every month, she selects a cause and donates fifty cents for each comment left on her blog that month. FYI: For January and February, she is helping a family in Minnesota. The husband and father was involved in a freak snowmobile accident the first week of January, and was airlifted to the hospital. You can read more about this, here,Β on his CaringBridge site.

Beth Ann also features teapots on Tuesdays, places she visits (And Oh! The places she goes!) and occasionally, “Chrisisms,” the funny things her husband says. He calls the bloggers she hasn’t met her “imaginary friends.” That will be stuck in my head forever. Thanks, Chris.

Have you stayed around to see what was in the box? Well, let’s take a peek!

Handmade card, coasters and Seed of Happiness
Handmade card, coasters and Seed of Happiness
Look at the coaster colors. I think Beth Ann has been stalking me, too.
Look at the coaster colors. I think Beth Ann has been stalking me, too.

If you want your own Seeds of Happiness, visit here.

And here’s a link to Beth Ann’s post with directions to make the coasters. Why not drop by for a visit, and leave a comment? It’s for a good cause!

Thanks, Beth Ann!

45 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail

      1. Hey, Patti, looking in your mailbox was way more fun than looking in mine. Mine always has junk mail and bills. πŸ˜› Did you ask for these or did they just show up unannounced?


        1. I was in her top five for comments in 2012. She said if our name was on the list, to send our address and she’d send us something. I had no idea what, and had forgotten about it until it showed up.


  1. Tell Linn at least your “imaginary friends” are productive…his just play around in his head! Love these tiles! Sounds like another great project for me to start on!


  2. Getting an unexpected gift-package is one of life’s greatest delights. And I too could feel your joy Patti. I’m going to go visit Beth Ann.


    1. Yes, I may have to order some of those Seeds of Happiness, Pix. They are so cute! We’ve got a rainy Monday afternoon, but it’s 68 degrees and I got a walk in before it started coming down. No complaints here! Hope your Monday is enjoyable.


    1. The coasters are PERFECT, Beth Ann. Those happy little seed faces are adorable. I may have to share some of those, too. Thank you so much. And your card is beautiful. I need to find my desk…


      1. πŸ™‚ I found those little happy seed faces in a stationary store and bought a bunch—aren’t they just adorable?? And sometimes they are just the perfect little thing to give to someone!! Glad you liked the package!!!


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