Wild Bird Wednesday–26

Cooper’s Hawk that had a daily habit of visiting. They seem to like the pigeons (rock doves) in our area. For lunch. 


Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday. Bring your bird photos and join the fun!


41 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–26

  1. Wow, that hawk shot is amazing. Although it’s all part of nature, it’s sad to see them killing the smaller birds.
    I could have linked my post today to Wild Bird Wednesday!


    • You sure could have, Dianna! There are some amazing photos there, from all around the world. I’ve not seen them get anything here aside from pigeons and starlings, and there are so many of them to choose from! Thanks!


  2. Cooper’s Hawks are beautiful birds. We have a Red-Tailed that soars above the Tiny Ten and I have seen it in trees near our feeders. It is a little sharp-shinned visiting for winter that hits our birdie buffet with the most success. Makes me sad but.. 😦


  3. Can’t even say he’s a pretty bird…but very handsome…when you said he seemed to like the pigeons, I was thinking, “yeah, to eat” and then I finished reading your post…haha!


    • Connie, we had one hawk that would show up like clockwork. Our neighbor has two sheds sitting side by side with a gap in between them. He’d sit atop one of our feeders and watch the birds in their yard through that gap. When the time was right, it would swoop between the two buildings, catching the birds by surprise. I got to take pictures of him stalking, but didn’t have to see the end result!


  4. That hawk is beautiful. I love hawks…when they come around our neighborhood, the pigeons disappear. I don’t particularly like to see them catch a pigeon, though – that was a bit disturbing.


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