“The Birds”

How many of you thought of Alfred Hitchcock when you read the title of this post, “The Birds?”  (The links will open new browser pages if you are not familiar with either of these.)

Last Wednesday, upon exiting the back door to feed my feathered and furry friends, my ears were assailed by the most non-melodious melody. The squeaky-hinge of Common Grackles was the first voice identified, blended with the shrill cries of European Starlings and Brown-headed Cowbirds. Alfred Hitchcock’s movie came to mind immediately.

I slipped quietly from the shelter of the shed and large oak tree, and peered through the openness to the next stand of trees and found them filled with the silhouettes of birds. Of course, the camera was in the house. I hurried to retrieve it and snapped some pictures to share with you. 004 b 002

Many of them were brown-headed cowbirds. The adult males are black with a brown head. Females and juveniles are brownish-gray. They were named for their habit of following herds of bison and cattle where they foraged for insects, grain and seed. They are a brood parasite, forgoing nest-building and incubating, laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. 

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