Share Your World–2013 Week 1

Oh, look! The new year and a new set of questions from CEE! Let’s go! 

Do you prefer shopping or going to a park?

Music or silence while working?

If you could have three wishes granted for you alone, what would they be?

Are you a collector of anything?

Shopping or going to the park? 
On a beautiful day I’ll go to the park, inclement weather I will go shopping. Who says you can’t have it all? 😉

Music or silence while working?
That depends on what I’m doing, but I do love music.

Three wishes for me alone…
To live closer to my daughter and her family
To have another golden retriever
I’m stealing #3 from Tamara: Three more wishes!

A collector of anything?
Thimbles, art supplies, sewing supplies, books and journals…

Now it’s your turn. You may answer in the comment section below, or create your own blog post and link to Cee’s blog. Can’t wait to see what we have in common–or not.





40 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 1

    • Sounds like a lovely place, TBM! I haven’t added any in awhile, don’t find them much any more. My sister-in-law got me started when they traveled the U.S. Now the ones for each state are so generic, they attach something to a plain thimble, like the state name or bird. Many are from the Thimble Collector’s Club, made in porcelain all over the world.


  1. Yesterday grandson and I walked a mile to our park, and today we’ll go shopping for some warm shirts.
    Music or silence? Well, in the morning, T-Bob is curled up on my lap purring.
    I, too would love to live closer to daughters 1, 2 and grandsons.
    I have collected thimbles too!


  2. Ha ha – I like your thinking, Patti, about having it all!

    I like the park over shopping and prefer listening to TV (usually old movies I’ve seen hundreds of time) when I’m working. One of my three wishes would be to move back home to California someday (though not right now as it’s in such bad shape economically/politically). Also, I wish I were taller. And too, I wish I could find purposeful work. I collect (informally) books and cover versions of the Bob Dylan song “To Make You Feel My Love”.

    Maybe you will take a photo of your thimble collection so we can see?


  3. Good Morning Patti! Thimbles how cool!
    1. To the park. I really don’t like to shop except for shoes/boots.
    2. Music for cleaning~some Mr. Smokey Robinson bumpin’ the speakers!
    3. I would love to have a Hanoverian bay mare. I wish with all my heart I could talk to my Mom one more time. Good health for myself and CH and all our family and friends.
    4. Collect anything? Not really anymore. I used to collect teddy bears. I do have a thing for shoes.. 😀

    Thank you Patti for letting me play.. 🙂


    • Thanks for coming over to play, Pix. I’ve taken to shoes lately, too. 🙂
      Smokey Robinson could sing, maybe he still does…Seems he was on tv not too long ago. I had to Google the horse, what a beauty! Where did you learn about them? I still have a few teddies I can’t part with, now that you mention it.


      • Oh Patti Smokey can still sing! He has such control over his voice. He was on The Voice last month. We have tickets to go see him in February. I used to work at a barn that had Hanoverians. I get the shoe thing honest from my Mom.. 🙂


        • Is Smokey going to be near you, or will you be traveling? Working in a barn was never on my list of options. I might have enjoyed it when I was younger. Working with animals beats office politics any day. The shoe thing, was that contagious, or in the DNA? 😉


  4. 1. Park!
    2. I almost always listen to music (although what I listen to changes depending on what I’m working on at the time).
    3. Hmm… one wish might be more time to think about this question…
    4. Art supplies! Great answer! Me, too!


  5. Happy New Year, Patti! More fun with Share Your World!
    1.) Shopping. (if the choices were shopping or going for a ride on the beach, I’d have to choose the latter!)
    2.) Silence if I’m working. Music (oldies) if I’m driving.
    3.) Three wishes: too tough. I’ll pass.
    4.) I collect anything old: baskets, quilts, furniture…
    Thanks, Patti!


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  7. I didn’t know you collected thimbles…how cool!!

    1. park over shopping any day…if I never had to set foot in another store for the rest of my life, I’d be perfectly happy (well, unless the reason was because I was in prison or something like that…hmm…)
    2. music if I’m cleaning, silence if I’m writing
    3. three wishes? that Spook stays strong and healthy for at least another 20 years; that I could make my living writing; to be able to live out in the country again
    4. books, nail polish, bird Christmas ornaments, cross stitch supplies, fabric, seeds and plants, IU memorabilia, cookbooks, old postcards, old doilies….see why I have a tough time decluttering???


  8. You have a different perspective on shopping, for sure. You live there, practically. Hopefully prison won’t be in your future! Great wishes! Did you say old postcards? I’m drooling over here. 😉


  9. 1. I’m not a shopping enthusiast. I shop when necessary. I like parks and beaches a lot.
    2. When I’m working, reading, or doing anything that requires thinking, I prefer silence. When I listen to music, I give it my full attention.
    3. I don’t wish; I pray. If I were to wish, I’d wish for blue skies, tall trees, and a slight breeze. That’s three.
    4. I’m the pure opposite of a collector. I toss just about anything that I don’t want or need. I know, pitiful. Sometimes I could kick myself.

    I, too, like your answer about having it all. I like the passage in Ecclesiastes about seasons. A time to shop and a time to plop; a time to sing and a time to stop; a time to add and a time to drop. Blessings to you, Patti…


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  11. Park, park, always park. Even though I like to shop, too.

    Music get’s the work done faster for everything except when it involves words. If I’m working with words, gotta have silence.


  12. I like your park/shopping answer – I’ll take that one!
    2. Music when cleaning (which isn’t often enough :))
    3. Three wishes: live near pine trees, have more patience, enough money to take 4 months off work and travel cross country – all 50 states.
    4. The only thing I collect is dust, and that’s not intentional.


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