Wild Bird Wednesday–25

Stewart, a birdwatcher (among other interests) hosts Wild Bird Wednesday on his blog, Paying Ready Attention. He lives in Australia, so he shares birds I’ve never even heard of. It’s always interesting to see the variety of birds from around the world linked to his site. You must go take a peek! You can click the highlighted link above, or below, to open a new page. 

I posted a photo of a yellow-rumped warbler last month,

Yellow-rumped warbler

Yellow-rumped warbler

and several readers commented this was a new bird to them. This week I’m linking it to Wild Bird Wednesday, and have added a front-view for those of you unfamiliar with this warbler. He’s small and cute, with a big attitude. Every day he gets into a territorial tussle with the red-breasted nuthatch, a new visitor this year.  I hope to get a decent picture of it one day. 


Keeping an eye on you!


55 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–25

    • Thanks, Stewart. We just have the one nuthatch, irruptive this year due to drought last summer. I hope it will remember where we are and bring friends next time. Thanks for hosting!


    • He is awfully cute, isn’t he? It’s not hard to get his picture. I’ll find him out there when no other birds are around. But then, he probably ran them off, Theresa!


  1. Do you ever go birding, Patti? You really know your birds! We don’t see any in our little courtyard except a dove, now and then. We miss all the birds we had in our yard in San Antonio.


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