New Year’s Day 2013

It’s almost here! I guess it will be by the time this posts and you read it. Our New Year begins with uncertainty. Monday morning we got one of “those” calls. The ones you know are inevitable, but never want to receive.

My hubby’s dad has taken a couple falls in the past week or so, and the one Sunday night landed him in ICU.

I lost both my parents back in the 90s. All of a sudden, those emotions are resurrected, bubbling just beneath the surface, waiting to erupt.

I’m thankful for those experiences. They gave me insight into what my hubby is dealing with: the feeling of shock as one’s world is shaken; the unsettled mind which refuses to focus; questioning whether to go, and when; considering responsibilities at home and work. Until one has walked that road, there is no way to understand what those travelers are going through. Oh, how I wished for someone to come alongside, someone who understood my pain.

But now, I am that person. I am able to offer comfort from that which I received. My heart breaks for my hubby. I didn’t want these days to come so soon for him, the days when those who have always been strong, supportive, and reliable begin to falter. It’s so unexpected. We grew up with them taking care of us, we never expected the roles to be reversed. Never.

I take comfort in Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3. (The Bible) To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…
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Let’s make the most of this new year. May we live on purpose, like we mean it. Don’t take a single day for granted, we are not promised tomorrow.




42 thoughts on “New Year’s Day 2013

  1. I understand, Patti, and my heart goes out to all of you. Taking care of my mother through her last illness was a very sad and traumatic experience for me. No one would ever choose the getting of knowledge in such a way. But at least I knew what to do when my friend Joy was terminally ill, and I know how to help now that my mother-in-law is failing. I wish you comfort and joy in both the big and the little.


    1. Thank you for your words of comfort, Naomi. Being the caregiver has to be one of the hardest roles. It’s different when one is caring for a helpless newborn, such joy is involved; but the mood turns somber when the one being cared for once cared for us.


      1. That is so true. Once in awhile parenting a baby and a toddler felt overwhelming, but I told myself, “This is a huge part of their life that will make all the difference to them, and just a few short years of mine.” I think the same can be said of taking care of the elders who sacrificed so much to take care of us or our spouse when it really mattered. Time to give back. It is harder, because as you say, there isn’t the same kind of joy. But there is a comfort and satisfaction in doing the right thing, and knowing that you will not look back with guilt and regret. I wish you all the best.


  2. My heart aches and is comforted by your words that capture your experience so beautifully.

    It’s been a pleasure to connect with you. Each time I visit here I feel your purpose, especially when you share 6 words.

    Sending love you way ❀


    1. Christine, I know your heart is traveling this same path. I am encouraged by the transition to assisted living you described. Thanks for paving the way, and for your words of support. Big hugs!


  3. Patti, prayers continue for you and your husband and his family. You are so right—you can not understand until you have walked that road. It is not an easy one but one that is inevitable. Your faith will guide you as it has all along. Hugs.


  4. Yes, you do know. Your husband will need his partner to ask and help him answer all those questions. May we be here to support you, ease your mind and comfort you right now. Prayers and hugs to you and your family right now.


  5. ‘A Time for Everything’ is a bittersweet comfort and one that I’ve took solice in many times. I understand what you’re going through. My heart goes out to your fil, your hubby & you.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    (((sending you hugs of comfort)))


    1. Thanks, Susan. I haven’t heard from Linn yet today. He drove up there yesterday. There was talk of surgery to keep clots in his legs from traveling to the lungs.


  6. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a hard start to the New Year. May God be with and comfort you all.

    Thanks for the reminder to live life to the full in every moment. Life is sadly so short.


    1. Thanks, Lou. Our prayers are being answered! And we are forever grateful. His condition is stabilized, and he’ll be moved to another facility to rehabilitate his muscles, hopefully home before long.


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