Wordy Thursday

Hello out there! Can you see me? That’s my hand waving out of a stack of email. Cox has been our internet/cable/phone provider for YEARS. They are very reliable, only a few times during upgrades/maintenance have we been without email service, and then briefly.

That all changed on the 14th. Incoming service was disrupted when even their back-up systems failed. Customers in the Midwest and East Coast regions were kept up-to-date on the Cox website as to the problem and their efforts to fix it. It was a sad day when they stopped projecting a time for service to return.

 We spent the weekend shopping and partying. Sunday afternoon at hubby’s company Christmas party, the email discussion arose at our table. It wasn’t visions of sugar plums that danced in our heads, but the thoughts of all those blog updates and retail merchant notifications that arrive daily which were building to epic proportions. We were going to need the services of an avalanche rescue team!

Email service was restored Monday, the 17th. Email from the 14th on began to arrive in spurts, not in chronological order, and some in duplicate. 

I shared this to explain why I haven’t been to visit your blogs regularly (yes, I’m having withdrawal). Now being the last week of Christmas preparations, upcoming travel, and email coming out my ears, I don’t know when life will return to normal. I’ve considered sleeping the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day and starting over.

But you know me better than that. I’ll be burning the midnight oil to catch up on all the happenings in your world, your thoughts and traditions; we’ll continue to grieve and pray for the families in Connecticut and elsewhere who are suffering.  

I know you are busy, too, so thanks for taking the time to read my Wordy Thursday exposition. Hope to see you soon!  


25 thoughts on “Wordy Thursday

    • I had a bad experience with a blog reader when I started blogging, so I opted to receive everything through email; and I prefer Outlook Express to gmail. I’ll get caught up one of these days, Carol Ann. Blessings to you.


  1. I heard about this – thankful FOR ONCE that we’re Charter and not Cox! Hope things return to normal for you soon. Don’t worry about catching up on the blog posts -they’ll be there when you have time to read them! Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    • I’m really pleased with Cox, Dianna, and have had it so long, I would dread change. Technical issues are bound to develop. I liked that they kept us informed. Merry Christmas to your family, too, Dianna. We’ll have to get together again in the new year.


  2. Patti! Wordy Thursday, I love it!! I don’t love that you had email issues and are feeling a little overwhelmed. I have saved you a little time as I have not posted since Thanksgiving.. 🙂 I am with you about sleeping the week between Christmas and New Year’s.


  3. Oh my goodness–that is frustrating!!! I am so lost without it so I can imagine that you were struggling!!!! Hope things get back to normal and that you don’t have to spend that week sleeping to catch up!!!


  4. i am glad you are up and running, again. amazing how a few days of disruption in service can make us bloggers go a bit bonkers. 🙂


    • I still like to check the mail in hope of finding something special. It’s a rare occasion now, where we used to get hand-written correspondence on a regular basis, Patti. Now we can follow on Facebook and email and be in touch any time we choose.


  5. Merry Christmas Patti! Enjoy your family and the small moments.

    They’re all playing video games and don’t miss me for the moment – so much laughter – I think my daughter just shot her Dad in the back because he got onto the wrong team – her boyfriend is trying to get away from her as I think she’s better than he is at this. The two of them together though can’t keep her Dad out of trouble. I took a cell phone picture of it the other day and will be posting it.

    I never thought this would be a family memory, but they sure are whooping it up as they make mistakes and do each other in. It really is fun listening to them having fun.

    You’re one of my first Internet friends – thanks so much for the affection and encouragement!

    Hugs & kisses, Nancy (at least I did get to hug you in person this summer!)


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