Currently Reading: The Writer’s Devotional

SuziCate and I were hanging out at Barnes & Noble a couple months ago. Our first stop was the cafe for a beverage. On this particular day, many others had the same idea. With nowhere to sit, we soon found ourselves in the section dedicated to the craft of writing.

We read the backs of the books, and thumb through the pages. We confirm which ones we have, and whether or not we found them helpful.

I picked up a copy of The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters. The cover feels like suede in the hand. Nice. This book has the potential to be a keeper. The subtitle reads, “365 inspirational exercises, ideas, tips and motivations on writing.” Each day’s reading is one page; twice a week there is a writing prompt. Fridays offer a biography in brief, of “…fifty-two of the most interesting writers in history…” This is one of my favorite features. 

I’m in week seven, and am enjoying this book. By clicking the title link above, you can take a quick peek inside, and see for yourself. It just might be your new companion. 




29 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Writer’s Devotional

    • This is a good one, in that I have to pick it up every day to stay on track. I got behind with travel in November, so I gave myself permission to skip the rest of the week and pick up on the corresponding day the following week. I’m really enjoying this one, Janna.


  1. Always love a good writing book! After flaming out of a writing “workshop” that left me discouraged and flat, this may be just the thing to get me back on track to what’s important – writing! Thanks, Patti!


    • This is the first writing book I’ve been really excited about and thought others should read, Jeannine. Your workshop sounded pretty intense, I don’t know that I would have done well there.


  2. Patti, I have so many books about writing. I checked this out over at the B&N link and I think I will have to add it to my shelf. I like the biographies and suggested reading ideas. The truth is – I read more about writing than spending time doing it. I hardly ever use the prompts in writing books, but that isn’t to say the books aren’t good reading. Thanks 🙂


    • Robin, I’m not very good at doing the prompts, either. They do give me something to think about, though. We always have a prompt for our writers group, and I do that one every month. (Having a month to think about it helps!) With this book, I can start over next year and do the prompts. It’s the book that keeps on giving.


  3. Thank you for sharing this, Patti! I need some inspiration. I have recently begun letting some of my writing out onto my blog. This was hard to do, BTW, but the responses are so rewarding! ~ Lynda


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