Weekly Photo Challenge–Changing Seasons

The current Weekly Photo Challenge is to show what signals the change of season to us.  I see the changes through avian activity in and around our neighborhood. The goldfinches molt their bright yellow summer plumage for their khakis, for instance. Cooler temperatures are indicated by the fluffing of feathers for insulation. Birds who migrate further south, like hummingbirds, are no longer seen; birds we haven’t seen for a few months, like warblers, white-throated sparrows, starlings and grackles, return. More shore birds are found hanging out at the local fast-food restaurants, hoping for a handout–or visiting smaller bodies of water. (Like those seen here sharing a puddle). Yes, there’s a change in the air, and I see it coming on wings. 

Even the birds in the sky
    know the right times to do things.
The storks, doves, swifts, and thrushes
    know when it is time to migrate.
But my people don’t know
    what the Lord wants them to do.–Jeremiah 8:7




31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Changing Seasons

  1. As I write the temperature is dropping. No rain yet, but lots of wind blowing.
    We had a grackle invasion at our grocery store shopping center this weekend–they were everywhere. I had images of them dive-bombing me–no worries–I got into the store safely.
    Beautiful verses and collage. You know so much about these small creatures. And our father knows so much about us–all we need to do is talk with Him.


    • Yes, winter is on the way, Georgette, just a matter of time. The flocks of blackbirds can be pretty large in number, reminding me of Hitchcocks, The Birds.” Though I’ve not seen them be as aggressive. Grackles and crows are very skittish. The slightest movement at the window and they are on their way. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. Yes Yes Yes! The changing of the seasons is seen with the birds. We know summer is gone and fall is in full swing when Mr. Tanager and his family spend their last day with us! And when the Juncos show up, we know winter isn’t far behind. Excellent post Patti!


  3. Perfect verse to go with those lovely pictures. Change is definitely here—we did not get the snow that Minneapolis did –the snow we got did not stay but it is cold cold cold. Ugh.


    • Thanks, Angelia. They are interesting to observe. I’m always amazed at the details of the feather patterns. The puddle picture was shot with my iPhone when I pulled into the lot at the grocery store. It pays to keep a camera within reach. 🙂


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