Six Word Friday–Sound

It’s time for Six Word Friday at Adrienne’s place! This week’s word is–did you hear it? SOUND

Silently spinning the snare of  entrapment.


36 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Sound

  1. Reminds me of a science lesson we did in CC recently. We were learning about how spiders are able to determine the type of predator by the vibration and sounds via its webs. Fascinating stuff God’s creation 🙂


    • I love homeschool for that reason, Melanie. Taylor shared that with me when she learned about it. (I don’t remember learning that in school). But, then, that’s been awhile! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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  2. I shall avoid her like the plague! Sinister sound you have brought to mind. The sound of a spider spinning. Patti and Alfred Hitchcock!

    The deep green background on the photo is beautiful. Such a harmless little spider spinning her web shouldn’t make my spine tingle. Ha! I’m silly. I know, but…

    Blessings to you, Patti…


    • Wow, right up there with Alfred! LOL I don’t know why the background looks like that, Carol Ann. I experimented with different settings–not good at night photography. The web is spun from the awning over the back door, right at head level. I always wonder if I’m wearing it in my hair!


    • Thanks, Pix. That’s all I could think of, Pix, a camera reflection…but against a night sky? Maybe someone with real photography skill could tell me why. Reminds me of an alien space ship. Maybe that was the bigger picture? LOL Maybe I can sell it to the tabloids!


  3. Such a creative idea for the word “sound”. And, as someone else commented, the background is really beautiful, plus, it sort of frames the spider – very cool. And, as others have commented: Eek!


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