You Picked a Winner!

This picture was included in a previous post, and received rave reviews from you, the viewing public. 

Last month, our local Wild Birds Unlimited stores held their 3rd annual photo contest. I have never entered photos in a contest, but since you liked this one so much, I cropped it and printed it and took it to the store. 

I received a phone call, and then this in their latest email:

The Votes Have Been Counted And The Results Are In!

And The Winners of Our 3rd Annual Photo Contest Are:

In Virginia Beach:

  • Best Wild Bird – Isabelle Luthere
  • Best Wild Critter – Pam Monahan
  • Best Pet – Janice Young

In Chesapeake:

  • Best Wild Bird – Herbert Thomas
  • Best Wild Critter – Patti Jarrett
  • Best Pet – Stuart McCausland

Thanks to everyone who entered. There were many great pictures. And congratulations to the winners. They will each win a $25 gift card to our stores.

Guess I should take my winnings and go buy some more peanuts! Thank you, for your encouraging and affirming words, and giving me the confidence to “go for it!”  

42 thoughts on “You Picked a Winner!

  1. Congratulations Patti! Yeah, bring on the peanuts!! That little squirrel has some personality. Do you still see her? Recognize her? We have a Fox Squirrel, we named her Suzy, she has to be the daughter of Old Man Squirrel. She follows me just a bit on my walk. I should snap a picture of her, geesh why haven’t I? Good Morning to you and enjoy your Thursday!


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