I read Julia’s post yesterday, and learned a lot about Manic Depressive Disorder. I hope sharing her story will open more eyes to the plight of others with this diagnosis. They need love, just like the rest of us. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Journey with Julia

I’m bipolar.

But, don’t worry. You can’t catch it.

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder (also called Manic Depressive Disorder), that causes my moods to swing between really high and really low, to a degree that interferes with my daily functioning and quality of life.

You might be thinking, “But everyone has their ups and downs.” For you, a high mood might entail a lot of laughter at a party, island hopping while on a vacation,  or even the rush of winning at the slot machines.

My high is manic. It is actually like being high and can feel quite wonderful. Euphoric even. It includes the aforementioned ups, but it goes way beyond that to obsessive-compulsive behaviors – like racing thoughts, the inability to stop thinking or to control the images in my mind, and irresponsibly impulsive spending, promiscuity, rapid rambling speech, little to no sleep, and illusions of grandeur.


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    1. Julia inspired me, too, Cecelia. How will we know if no one teaches us? Thanks for taking the time to read, it helps us to understand what these people deal with on a daily basis.


  1. I know several bipolar people. They are sensitive, vibrant, and make great friends. They need love, just like we all do. Yes, they shoot higher, fall lower, and care way too much. Their innate special talents bless us all. Thank you, Patti, for showing that you care. Blessings to you…


  2. A must-read! I’ve had family members with ‘manic depressive’ episodes. I only recently learned that it is being called bipolar. The fact that those of us who should know often don’t – leads me to believe there is likely a whole lot more that I’ve missed as well. Thanks. This is pretty powerful.


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