Three Butterflies for Thursday

Last week, three butterflies emerged from chrysalis stage in the kitchen aquarium. The statistics for their survival to butterflydom aren’t very good. We learned at the botanical garden for every 400 eggs, ten become butterflies. The various stages of their lives provide food for many other outdoor insects, birds, etc. I try to give a few more a fighting chance to spread their wings and fly. Β 

The first to emerge was a female, identified by the blue on the hind wings.
Next was a male. Notice more yellow and very little blue patterning.
The third was a male, also. His hind wing didn’t develop properly, and the fore wing is damaged. It took him a little longer to decide if he was ready for the Big Backyard; but when I explained his options, he decided to try his wings. And off he flew.

I hope given the opportunity, you will fly, too. πŸ™‚





45 thoughts on “Three Butterflies for Thursday

      1. Well I certainly will know who to go to with questions about butterflies and I can’t thank you enough for the heads up on the Great American BackYard Bird Count. CH really enjoyed doing that! Me too of course but it was kinda his baby.


  1. So pretty – glad you could get some pictures. We got to see one on Sunday that was newly hatched. I’m not sure how many survived to become butterflies, although the robin left them alone after that first attack.



  2. Did you raise these butterflies in your kitchen? I didn’t know that was possible. So COOL! The female really is beautiful. I didn’t realize they got the pretty colors. Great pics πŸ™‚


    1. When the caterpillars get good-sized (last stage before chrysalis) I bring a few indoors, Robin. My niece teaches K-5, and ordered a kit online (Monarchs, I think) and her class watched the stages in the classroom. It may have to be ordered in the spring. I saw a Monarch one year with a little round tag on its wing. Had I been able to get close enough to see it, I could have searched the number online and learned where it had been released. Thanks!


  3. I loved hatching Monarch butterflies in my classroom when I taught kindergarten and first grade. The students couldn’t wait to see if any butterflies needed to be released each morning when they came into the classroom. Such an amazing process/miracle.


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