Norfolk Botanical Garden Mermaid

The Norfolk Botanical Garden mermaid greeted us at the Visitor Center.

In 1999, the city of Norfolk adopted the mermaid as its logo. At least 100 have been created by artists and placed throughout the city–even around the world–according to a news article written in 2009 in honor of a “Decade of Mermaids.”

They have an official website, Mermaids on Parade. Apparently, not all mermaids live an easy life. Some have fallen victim to vandals, as this story of Hope reveals on the Folklore tab.

Chicago has Cows on Parade. A non-profit organization in Virginia Beach, A Dolphin’s Promise, is helping find a cure for cancer. They have placed at least 50 dolphin statues around the city, each one a symbol of their commitment. 

Do you know of other cities who feature an animal or other icon?   


31 thoughts on “Norfolk Botanical Garden Mermaid

  1. No I’ve never came across something like this. My own town is called as land of tigers, because it’s surrounded by a forest which is famous for tiger and elephant reservation project. But we do not have a single statue of a tiger at our place. 🙂


  2. When I took a pic of her on Sat. I mentioned to Dirt Man that her name/title wasn’t listed as the others. He told me to look at the sign. It says “Do not touch the mermaid”….hmmmm, think that’s her name?


  3. I love that you are sharing about the mermaids of Norfolk. I love how the artists interpret each figure so differently. (My friend Google showed me some more.) How sad some would be vandalized.
    I have posted the pigs in Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky and when my mother returned from Germany she shared her Berlin Buddy Bears with me. hmmmm…I didn’t spot any victims of vandalism…but unfortunately on public display it’s quite possible. At the farm I have a very small collection of cows from the Texas Cow Parade.


  4. i knew about the pigs in cinn. dallas did pegasus a few years back (one of their symbols from the neon mobile oil topper on their old building)


  5. I didn’t know that. She is beautiful! That is a very cool symbol to have. I see a lot of Mustang and Longhorn statues in North Texas. I’ll have to research and see if one is an official symbol. 🙂


  6. I love this mermaid in particular! And the hershey kiss one at MacArthur Center. Great photo, Patti! When I lived in West Palm Beach, Florida they had aligators – not sure if they are official but it was fun to spot them around town.


  7. Philadelphia has a lot of statues, but not a particular animal or icon. Two of my favorite statues are related to Ben Franklin. One is a bust of Franklin that is made out of keys, which were created from pennies collected by school children. The other statue is a key with a lightning bolt that you can see as you enter the city over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

    How cool that a city by the sea should have a mermaid for a logo!


    • A friend confirmed the heron sculptures in Chesapeake. 🙂 We went to Leesburg once, in the late fall, but it was beautiful. We zip past Winchester on the interstate now, but we used to take 17 right through there (on return visits to W.Va.) when we first moved here.


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