Weekly Photo Challenge–Purple

This is a new addition to our garden, vitex, planted autumn of 2011. This was a shady corner until an oak tree was removed by our neighbor. Looking on the bright side, and I mean that literally, it doubled the area for our butterfly garden. 

The bee was determined to be in the photo–for contrast, of course. I’m not one to strike up an argument with a bee.

We added this butterfly bush earlier this month.

I hope it does as well as this one.



25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Purple

  1. a sweet blogger friend sent me vitex seeds from her plant this summer! i am going to wrap them in wet paper towel and put them in the fridge this winter and plant next spring. i hope to have some of my own soon!


    1. We saw one at the garden center. They estimated it had been there 25 years, it was huge, and the trunk was like a work of art. We had to have one, Theresa. 🙂 I hope yours do well.


  2. What a great picture of that bee!

    I have only seen one butterfly all summer. I think a butterfly bush would be wonderful, but I live on the shadiest lot in the neighborhood. Trees, trees, trees, and more trees. I sometimes dream that some of them would get cut down. I know in the winter, I will see the sky and the winter sunlight.


    1. The butterfly eggs and larva keep disappearing, Robin. I brought some inside last year, once they neared chrysalis stage, to protect them. Then I got to release them. That was such a wonderful experience; I hope to get to do that again. The heat killed the three host plants we added this year, leaving one that survived the mild winter. I’ll have to get an earlier start next year. Glad you liked the bee!


  3. Beautiful purple pictures. I love that bee, that’s a honey of a photo. 🙂
    I’ve not heard of a vitex before. I’ll have to go look it up and see if it’s something we may want to plant here. Yours is lovely.


  4. I don’t argue with the bees either. Nice shots. I love butterflies and we get quite a few. Thanks for visiting my blog, Patti. You are always a source of encouragement and I so appreciate that. Bless your heart.
    Hugs, Coleen

    PS ~ still enjoying those pens and I like the Souffle ones now too. I’ve learned better how to use them. You have to write slow to get them to be more 3D.


  5. what a wonderful “purple” day for me to stop by!! i love the color of your butterfly bush!! thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!!


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