Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park–Part 2

Thought I’d share a few more interesting birds with you. 

First up is the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. This bird is not just another pretty face; it stole my heart and I’d have brought it home if they’d let me! When I walked up to their enclosure, one came to greet me, and leaned into the fence so I could rub its neck. Love at first sight! 

Look at those “eyelashes!” Actually, they are feathers.

Next is the Luzon Bleeding-heart Dove. It is aptly named, don’t you think?

We caught one of the Eurasian Eagle Owls napping.

There was no napping on the side of the park with this crew! Turkey vultures were flying overhead, and the macaws were sounding the intruder alert. They were really loud!

Trumpeter Swans are the largest waterfowl species in North America. Average weight is 21-30 pounds, but a large male may weigh as much as 35. Their wingspan is over seven feet, and an adult will stand four feet tall. They mate for life, and often live 20-30 years. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few more unusual feathered friends. 



22 thoughts on “Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park–Part 2

  1. Lovely birdies. That doves is a real peach. I wish we lived where we had Macaws flying around. That would be so neat. Thanks for sharing these interesting fine feathered friends. 🙂


    1. I have another picture where it opened one eye a wee bit to see what was going on. They probably feel pretty safe in their enclosure. Thanks for stopping by, Georgette.


  2. I think I understand why you liked the hornbill so much. It is beautiful. Birds are amazing creatures to watch. I love the bits of info you include with your photos 🙂


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