Weekly Photo Challenge–Friendship

If you’ve been following the “Adventures of Andy,” you’ll be happy to know he’s made some new friends: Wylie; and Susan, who you may know as Suzicate, or “The Water Witch’s Daughter.” She also posts her poems here. If you don’t know her, you might want to stop by one (or both) of her blogs and say, “Hi!” Wylie doesn’t have her own blog…yet. Oh, Andy loves Skinny Dippin,’ too! 

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Friendship

  1. Andy sure does rack up the frequent flyer miles. (No, it doesn’t bother me at all that an armadillo see’s more of the world than I do :))

    It’ll be fun to see what Suzicate has planned for Andy!


    1. He does get around, Janna. I’d love to meet some of the people he has, without all the traveling, though! If they could just beam me over there…surely my hubby has watched enough Star Trek episodes to build a transporter. Andy is still with me, we both paid Suzicate and Wylie a visit.


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    1. Beth Ann, there was plenty of yogurt to go around. 🙂 I know he’ll eat lots of goodies when he comes to see you. He was reading your blog the other day and said he’d be more than happy to eat your carrots.


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    1. If you click the links, they will take you to Lenore Diane’s page. She’s Andy’s mom, and tells the story of how he came to live with her, and his adventures since. Thanks for stopping by!


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