What’s New in Early June

The flowers have been beckoning me to bring the camera outside–before it’s too late! So, today I got out there before it rained.

Bittersweet, the mockingbird has found a girl, and they are busily preparing a home. He’s no longer singing at all hours of the day and night, and I miss that.

Silent Mockingbird

Mr. and Mrs. Song Sparrow are also busily preparing for their future family. He has taken over the mockingbird’s singing post and scolds anyone who dares to venture into his territory (which I believe encompasses most of the side and back yards).Β 

Don’t make me come down there.
Tch Tch Tch Isn’t it time you went back in the house?

The rest is what is in bloom, and in the case of the Lorapetalum, not in bloom, but pretty, as the foliage turns a deep maroon in the sunlight.Β 

26 thoughts on “What’s New in Early June

  1. Once again, your flowers are gorgeous!! The birds and butterflies must love you…you certainly supply nice habitat for them…and beauty for all of your neighbors~


    1. Those birds are always yelling at me to hurry up and go back inside, Theresa. Apparently there are different varieties of bee balm. πŸ™‚ I’m always learning something new.


  2. Thanks for sharing your birds and flowers. I saw a mockingbird fly overhead the other day, so I’m hopeful we may eventually get one here. Do you know what attracts them? Should I play Mozart outside?


  3. Allaboutbirds.org says this:
    Northern Mockingbirds are common in backyards, but they don’t often visit feeders. You can encourage mockingbirds to visit your yard by keeping an open lawn but providing fruiting trees or bushes, including mulberries, hawthorns, and blackberry brambles.

    They will pick up many noises and play them back for you, Christine!


  4. What a beautiful garden you must have! I always enjoy your photographs of the flowers. Thanks for naming them, or I would be clueless. Now that we have moved, the yard is surrounded by trees and landscaping, some with flowers. Hopefully, I will be able to keep them alive.

    My grandmother used to watch birds, and she would often take me to a large bird sanctuary down near the shore. Thanks for the memory.

    I didn’t realize that once a song bird started nesting, they stopped singing. Do they start again once their nest is built?


    1. Thanks, Robin, the garden is a work in progress, still some bare spots.
      The birds will still sing, but not like when they are staking their territory and trying to attract a mate. I love sharing birds with my grandchildren. I’m glad you have fond memories, and hope mine will, too, some day. Have fun with your new flowers!


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