Adventures With Andy–Va. Beach; or Handy With the Ladies

Linking to Andy’s Mom, and his other adventures.

Andy joined us on our trip north and got to meet the family. He hung out and watched the NBA playoffs. I’m pretty sure he’s a Boston Celtics fan…

Andy, we’re going to need to see your ID

Once he came out of his shell, it turned out Andy is a regular chick magnet.

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24 thoughts on “Adventures With Andy–Va. Beach; or Handy With the Ladies

  1. I hate to say it, Patti, but Andy looked a little tipsy in that one photo……I think he might have snuck some on you without you knowing!!! Love the pics!!! Looks like he is having a blast!


  2. Ah Andy… he has excellent taste in beer. He makes his Mamma proud.
    Patti – I have no idea how I missed this post. Barn Charm showed up in my feed, as did the Thrasher, but this post did not. I don’t get it.
    Thanks for showing Andy a great time. I am glad he’s a hit with the chicks. I’m not surprised. His smile is attractive.


  3. Patti – I miossed this post when I was in Australia and then since coming home I have been very unwell.
    That Andy! We have strict licensing laws here in New Zealand and adults can be fined for providing alcohol to under age drinkers although Andy only looks young. Look on the back of his body – I think he was made er born in 1993. πŸ™‚


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