Barn Charm

This is my first submission for Tricia’s Barn Charm. There aren’t many barns in our area, so we have to stumble upon them in our travels. Here in coastal Virginia, much of the land is divided by waterways. This barn was found on the peninsula known as the “northern neck.” It is bounded on the north by the Potomac River, and by the Rappahannock River on the south.Ā 

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41 thoughts on “Barn Charm

    1. You’re right, Janna, no room for barns/livestock in the city. There is an imaginary “green line” that divides the business/residential area from the agricultural, but it looks to be slowly disappearing as more farms are sold.


  1. Welcome to your first Barn Charm visit! I see you are from my neck of the woods…hubby and I take many trips to find my barns! We have been known to travel an entire day to “fill up the coffers” for Barn Charm and Friday’s Fences! This is an interesting barn…guess the drive the big equipment into the middle! Stop by my blog if you get a chance!


    1. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, Linda, and subscribed. Glad to see you are so close! I’ve been noticing barns more in our travels, but it isn’t always convenient to find a place to pull off the road.


  2. YAY! Welcome to Barn Charm, Patti! If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll be noticing more of them than you ever have before. This one is so simple and pretty!


    1. That’s interesting, Yulia. There were many barns where I grew up, and I assumed everyone had seen a barn. Thanks for reminding me that what I view as ordinary may be a surprise to someone else.


  3. This is nothing like the barn we had when I was a kid…this one is much, much nicer…what a cool idea…Now I’m sure I’ll be noticing the barns around here…we do have a lot of them being right here in the middle of farm country..


  4. Like some of your other commenters, I’m intrigued by the raised foundation. Wonder why that’s needed–unless in a flood area since you’re in such a “watery” part of the state? A very original contribution to Barn Charm–I’m a newbie too. This is a great meme and way to appreciate many states and other countries.


    1. This barn wasn’t far from the river, so I’m guessing that is why it is raised. Thanks for stopping by to see, I’ll be over to visit your blog. šŸ™‚


    1. There is, Tracy. They were such a part of the landscape where I grew up. Most were dark weathered wood, with advertising–Mail Pouch Tobacco comes to mind. šŸ™‚


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