Cabbage White, South Beach Diet Update

The Cabbage Whites are the only butterflies I see dancing around the yard on a regular basis. Maybe it is a bit early yet. 

To update my South Beach Diet experience, I’m happy to tell you as of my doctor’s visit last week, I’d lost seven pounds. I had hoped the weight would come off more quickly, but I haven’t been exercising regularly for one reason or another. At least I’m not gaining, or stuck on that plateau any more! 

On Phase One–the first two weeks–I was never hungry. About the third or fourth day of Phase Two when I added some bread back into my meals, I had the worst food cravings! I’m glad the only thing in the house was healthy snacks, because I felt ravenous. I didn’t like that feeling, at all, so I’m still not eating much bread. I only miss it when I think of a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I’ve tried some flat breads and other varieties, but the texture/flavor didn’t appeal…until last week, I found Mediterranean Whole Wheat Pitabread. It doesn’t have the traditional pocket of a pita; it makes an excellent pizza crust. I like the flavor and the texture, and it can be wrapped around a sandwich filling. GO BUY SOME! 🙂

27 thoughts on “Cabbage White, South Beach Diet Update

  1. I’ve got the cabbage white butterflies flitting around my yard too…not much else yet tho. Congrats on how well you’re doing with your weight loss progress…I need to follow in your footsteps!!


  2. I’m glad the diet is going well. I also buy pita breads to make pizzas. Some of them are halfway decent on the carbs. If you haven’t tried it, a pizza made with pesto sauce, chicken and olives is quite tasty….the kids even eat it 🙂


  3. Hmm… now that you mention it, I haven’t seen many butterflies around here yet, either.
    AND congratulations on the success! That is wonderful! I love to hear when someone’s hard work is paying off like it should!


    1. The weather has been really strange here this year, SIG. Most of the butterfly plants haven’t bloomed yet, so maybe it isn’t time for their arrival yet. I sure do miss them fluttering about the yard. Thank you.


  4. oh, good for you, patti!

    we’ve had a TON of cabbage whites this year, here. in years past, they were almost rare. now they’re everywhere!


    1. Thanks, Theresa. I’ve been putting fruit out, on the lid of the butterfly nectar feeder. No butterflies there yet, but I’ve seen a few birds stop by and eye it, and it disappears!


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  6. Seven pounds—terrific! I’m impressed. I’ve stayed away from bread, too, and pasta, because you are so right. Once you start eating them, they produce all sorts of cravings. I’ve only lost four, but it is staying off, and my husband’s ten pounds are staying off.


    1. Thanks, Susan. I couldn’t believe the difference in cravings! That was not a good feeling after being without them. It’s good to get on the scale to find it isn’t yo-yo-ing back and forth.


  7. 7 pounds is wonderful. Keep up the great work. I believe slow and steady to be safer and the better way to go. Sending you supportive thoughts. 🙂


  8. Good for you on the weight loss – congrats! Although I kind of feel like I was lured into this post under false pretenses. I was expecting a yummy recipe involving butterflies.


  9. You inspired me to try the South Beach diet and I’ve have good success with it too. So, thanks. And thanks for the tip about the pita bread. I’m still afraid to eat any bread, but I have added oatmeal and fibre one back in. I’ve come to realize I have a HUGE problem with sugar and carbohydrates. They make me crave food. It’s good to know.


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