Cabbage White, South Beach Diet Update

The Cabbage Whites are the only butterflies I see dancing around the yard on a regular basis. Maybe it is a bit early yet. 

To update my South Beach Diet experience, I’m happy to tell you as of my doctor’s visit last week, I’d lost seven pounds. I had hoped the weight would come off more quickly, but I haven’t been exercising regularly for one reason or another. At least I’m not gaining, or stuck on that plateau any more! 

On Phase One–the first two weeks–I was never hungry. About the third or fourth day of Phase Two when I added some bread back into my meals, I had the worst food cravings! I’m glad the only thing in the house was healthy snacks, because I felt ravenous. I didn’t like that feeling, at all, so I’m still not eating much bread. I only miss it when I think of a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I’ve tried some flat breads and other varieties, but the texture/flavor didn’t appeal…until last week, I found Mediterranean Whole Wheat Pitabread. It doesn’t have the traditional pocket of a pita; it makes an excellent pizza crust. I like the flavor and the texture, and it can be wrapped around a sandwich filling. GO BUY SOME! 🙂