Andy’s Adventures in Bird Watching

I’ve learned that armadillo’s eyes are very sensitive to light. Andy should love it here, we have seen mostly rainy days since his arrival. For more of Andy’s journeys and to meet his “mom,” please visit:
and click on “Adventures of Andy.” 

He’s a curious critter, wanted to know what was all the fuss about birds. I prepared a vantage point for him, and now he’s a regular bird watcher, too.

Watching for birds

The brown thrasher came by for a visit. 

Andy thinks he and the brown thrasher would make a good insect-and-worm-hunting team.













Then he asked where all the noise was coming from. I directed his attention to the roof peak–the northern mockingbird was sharing his song repertoire.






Andy rode along on a trip to the library. I inadvertently mentioned “bookworms.” He was disappointed to find the library a place filled with books, rather than worms. I think he was getting hungry!  

28 thoughts on “Andy’s Adventures in Bird Watching

    1. He’s all puffed out up there, it was a chilly day. He normally looks sleek. Then again, he may be helping himself to the dried cranberries, Carol Ann. Blessings to you.


    1. Thanks! It’s our little bit of wild in the Big City. Definitely have to take him to Panera! Normally would have gone Thursday, but had a time-limitation on our lunch that day, Pix.


  1. So glad Andy made it to you safely. I know he doesn’t like bright light, but maybe you could buy him some sunglasses because surely we will see sun again one of these days. Not today though. Sigh…


  2. It’s nice to have a birdwatching companion. Good photos of the brown thrasher. I don’t know if we have those around here or not. The little birds confuse me, but I’m working on it. I’m envious of the mockingbird. One used to nest at our old house, but I haven’t seen one here yet.


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