Andy’s Adventures Continue–in Southeast Virginia

I heard a light tap-tap-tapping at my door this morning. Wondering who would be stopping by so early, I fluffed my bedhead and tentatively opened the door to find a weary traveler. Andy the armadillo had arrived from his globe-trotting trip to New Zealand! Judith thoughtfully packed his favorite jelly beans to sustain him for the long journey.

It’s a stormy day here in Virginia Beach, the kind of day best spent snuggled under the covers. Since Andy has a good case of jet lag, I tucked him into bed to sleep it off, and tomorrow our adventures will begin. Oh, the places we’ll go! I’m hoping he can meet some of the famous bloggers that hail from our area. Please let me know if you’d like to make a date!

His family lives in Georgia; so far, he has visited Florida, Texas and New Zealand. Here’s a link to Andy’s travel journal:

42 thoughts on “Andy’s Adventures Continue–in Southeast Virginia

  1. Did Andy travel first class?
    I know you’ll have to take him to lunch at Paneras.Maybe we should introduce him to frozen yogurt!


    1. Oh, I’m sure he did, Susan. He complained of being frisked at the security checkpoint. Oh, yes, def lunch at Panera–and frozen yogurt would be nice, too!


  2. He really does photograph well, doesn’t he Patti? I am glad he made it safely. Thank you for snuggling him in comfortably during the rain. It is the perfect way to spend rainy days.
    I’ll get in touch with Beth Ann. He may be headed to Heaven – er Iowa – next.


    1. He’s picture perfect, Lenore…a regular ham–or whatever an armadillo would be…I didn’t know Heaven was in Iowa! So close, all this time! lol Thanks for letting us share Andy. πŸ™‚


    1. He seems agreeable to that, Carol Ann. πŸ™‚ If you were visiting, we’d definitely go to Panera! I had planned to take him today, but Linn was short on time at lunch so we ate a quick lunch elsewhere. Blessings to you.


  3. Somehow your blog has dropped off and I am catching up on reading blogs after a couple of weeks and realised yours wasn’t among them. I have re subscribed now.
    Thanks for looking after Andy. I am glad he arrived safely. One doesn’t know with the way parcels and bags are thrown around by airport /baggage handlers. Enjoy your time with him. Off to read his other advertures. πŸ™‚


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