Weekly Photo Challenge–Blue

I had a hard time deciding on my favorite blue. Which is your pick?

Is it the blue jay?
Or the great blue heron…
…or is it the ocean and the sky?

38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Blue

    1. Hi ZielonaMila! Thank you for visiting my blog, and letting me know you were here. Thank you for your kind words. I’ll be stopping by your blog soon!


    1. Thanks, Patti. I love blue jays. I have one that sits on the corner of the patio cover, in perfect view of the kitchen window, letting me know he’s waiting for a peanut.


  1. All three! With a nudge to the sky and ocean. Yesterday I thought that was a poor snowman on the ground toppled over but I wasn’t sure but today I’m sure! I love the last picture Patti! Give me the ocean and sky any day!


  2. Patti, they are all wonderful ‘blues’ but I have a thing for great blue herons so he has my vote. Beautiful! I often think they look like teradactyls when they fly over and they love to perch over the fish pond and relieve us of several tasty morsels. But the dive down and subsequent success makes it worth the watch. Thanks for posting his pic.


  3. I can see where it would remind you of a pterodactyl, Renee. They do look almost prehistoric with their size. Our neighbor had the same problem with his fish pond. He put it in for his young son, who chose the fish for it–and the dad would run out and buy more before his son could find out they were missing!


    1. The jays have so many colors of blue. They are one of my favorites. They tend to get into it with the grackles over peanuts, but I’m happy to see the blue jay come out on top in that battle royale! lol I also like interacting with them. If we’re sitting in the backyard, I make sure to have a few peanuts on hand, as they come begging.


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