Six Word Friday–Bring

Little birdie, what will you bring?

Song sparrow

Materials for a nest in spring. 

Nest hidden in the lorapetalum

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30 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Bring

  1. Aww that is going to be fun to watch! I thought I was going to get to watch Mrs. Phoebe~feebee feebee feebee feeebeeeeeeeeeeeee and her family but she seems all befuddled by us coming and going out the porch door.


    1. Our daughter had an Eastern Phoebe nest on a light fixture on her side porch. That was the first time I heard of a Phoebe. Cute little birds! Hopefully she’ll get used to you and realize you’re not a threat.


  2. Sweet little birdie goes about her business undaunted by adversity. There is so much we can learn from nature. God infused his creatures with all the courage they need to fulfill their destinies. And we are more valued than they. We shall lack no good thing.

    Blessings to you, Patti, His messenger of mercy…


    1. She was so fast, I had several pictures where she had been! lol She was about her business. Your words are very encouraging, Carol Ann. We have the courage and strength to do what we are called to do. I value your friendship, thankful our paths crossed. Blessings to you.


  3. That is so precious, Patti. You will have so much fun watching the progress of this little creature and her offspring thru the summer if she continues there. Keep us up to date on it. Once when I visited my sister in California I discovered the nest of a hummingbird down low where I could peer in. It was so wonderful.


    1. Hummingbird nests must be so tiny, I haven’t seen one except in pictures. There was a tangled mass of dried grass on one side of the nest today. We must have interrupted their work when we went to the backyard. They fly to the fence and then hide in the neighbor’s garden until they are satisfied we’re not a threat.


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