Wawa–Not Just for Geese Anymore

Unless you’ve traveled Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland or Virginia, you may not be familiar with Wawa.

Wawa is THE convenience store of all convenience stores. The name is derived from a Native American word for the Canada Goose. They sell gasoline, often at the best price around; and food and beverages. And a LOT of it. They are always busy. 

I stopped by this location today, and found a bit more commotion than usual. A crow swooped downward in front of one of the entrances, but would quickly return to the roof briefly before doing it all over again. As I neared, I found this:


Someone had tossed a cheese puff their way, and the ducklings scampered about trying to get a nibble. The crow wanted in on the action, or rather the food, but Mama wouldn’t let it near. When I moved into position to take the picture, the crow stayed away; Mama knew she could rest then and posed ever so nicely for me. 

So, Wawa isn’t just for geese anymore, ducks like it, too. 

Have you “ducked” into a Wawa lately? 

47 thoughts on “Wawa–Not Just for Geese Anymore

  1. I haven’t heard of that store before today. Our convenience store of choice is QT (Quik Trip).

    Love the picture of the ducks. Mama duck has her hands, er, wings full!


    1. I have a friend whose house is called Ducks Crossing. It is in a ski resort here and we often see the ducks and their babies crossing the road in front of her house to get to or from the river.


      1. Perfect name for their house, then. The Department of Highways puts up signs in areas where ducks and geese cross to alert traffic to their possible presence.


  2. Ducked into Wawa…you’re so clever! 😉
    Here’s what I always get at Wawa: a warm cream cheese filled soft pretzel. mmmm.. But they only have them after breakfast hours.
    Love your duck picture; how sweet. We have a duck family, but I haven’t spotted any ducklings yet. I do, however, have a photo of baby goslings on my post today!
    Thanks for sharing….


    1. They were so sweet, Patti, but very busy trying to eat that cheese puff! They’d peck it and it would roll or pop away from them. I could have stayed all day watching.


  3. Here I am a Canadian and did not know that Wawa meant Canada Goose. Yet I should have, because there is a town called Wawa in Ontario with a humongous Canada Goose on the highway. It is one of my biggest memories from childhood when we travelled around the country. I guess we learn something new every day.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Sandy. I noticed the address on the Wawa website listed Wawa, Pennsylvania. Apparently, they have a city by that name, too. I continue to learn every day, often from the blogs I read. 🙂 Love it!


  4. Aw …so that is where Maude went!!!! 🙂 I saw Henry sans Maude yesterday so maybe she is the one at Wawa!!! Great picture and hopefully they all made it safely to their nest after their healthy lunch of cheez doodles!


    1. I’ve been getting a crazy mix of mallards this year. Sometimes a lone female, or a lone drake, and sometimes two or three drakes. They come around Happy Hour, after they get off work, I suppose.


  5. Glad to see there is a store chain named after our Canada goose. (the first I’ve heard of it) We have 7-11 and a couple of other convience stores here. Love the duck family!


    1. I’m always amazed to find them in such public places, Lenore, and with so much vehicular traffic. The road in front of that Wawa is eight lanes, Mt. Trashmore lake is on the other side of the road.


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