Wawa–Not Just for Geese Anymore

Unless you’ve traveled Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland or Virginia, you may not be familiar with Wawa.

Wawa is THE convenience store of all convenience stores. The name is derived from a Native American word for the Canada Goose. They sell gasoline, often at the best price around; and food and beverages. And a LOT of it. They are always busy. 

I stopped by this location today, and found a bit more commotion than usual. A crow swooped downward in front of one of the entrances, but would quickly return to the roof briefly before doing it all over again. As I neared, I found this:


Someone had tossed a cheese puff their way, and the ducklings scampered about trying to get a nibble. The crow wanted in on the action, or rather the food, but Mama wouldn’t let it near. When I moved into position to take the picture, the crow stayed away; Mama knew she could rest then and posed ever so nicely for me. 

So, Wawa isn’t just for geese anymore, ducks like it, too. 

Have you “ducked” into a Wawa lately?